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We can reproducibly measure a behavioral or autonomic thermoregulatory response of a mouse to a drug administered intravenously or into the brain.


To prospective academic collaborators

When you need a high-quality measurement of a thermoregulatory response for your important study, think about a collaboration with FeverLab. Studying autonomic and behavioral thermoregulatory responses in unanesthetized, fully conscious animals is what we have been doing for years.

In all our setups (see Experimental setups), we can determine whether the conditions are thermoneutral, subneutral, or supraneutral for any individual animal studied.

All our experiments are conducted at a tightly controlled ambient temperature.

In all our setups (except for the thermogradient), we can administer drugs without touching the animal or disturbing it in any other way.

We can work in several animal species, but prefer dealing with rats (first choice) and mice (second choice).


To program directors at pharmaceutical companies

Current scientific interests of the lab include studying thermoregulatory effects of TRP antagonists and determining the roles of different TRP channels in thermoregulation. The lab is looking for access to the newest pharmacological and genetic tools to work with TRP channels. The lab has a substantiual experience of working with pharmaceutical companies and is widely open to different forms of collaboration.