Shreya Patel's publications from FeverLab

Steiner AA, Molchanova AY, Dogan MD, Patel S, Pétervári E, Balaskó M, Wanner SP, Eales J, Oliveira DL, Gavva NR, Almeida MC, Székely M, Romanovsky AA. The hypothermic response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide critically depends on brain CB1, but not CB2 or TRPV1, receptors. J Physiol 589: 2415-2431, 2011.

Ivanov AI, Steiner AA, Patel S, Rudaya AY, Romanovsky AA. Albumin is not an irreplaceable carrier for amphipathic mediators of thermoregulatory responses to lipopolysaccharide: compensatory role of α1-acid glycoprotein. Am J Physiol 288: R872-R878, 2005.

Steiner AA, Dogan MD, Ivanov AI, Patel S, Rudaya AY, Jennings DH, Orchinik M, Pace TWW, O'Connor KA, Watkins LR, Romanovsky AA. A new function of the leptin receptor: mediation of the recovery from lipopolysaccharide-induced hypothermia. FASEB J 18: 1949-1951, 2004.

Dogan MD, Patel S, Rudaya AY, Steiner AA, Szekely M, Romanovsky AA. Lipopolysaccharide fever is initiated via a capsaicin-sensitive mechanism independent of the subtype-1 vanilloid receptor. Br J Pharmacol 143: 1023-1032, 2004.

Ivanov AI, Patel S, Kulchitsky VA, Romanovsky AA. Platelet-activating factor: a previously unrecognized mediator of fever. J Physiol 553: 221-228, 2003.

Dogan MD, Kulchitsky VA, Patel S, Petervari E, Szekely M, Romanovsky AA. Bilateral splanchnicotomy does not affect lipopolysaccharide-induced fever in rats. Brain Res 993: 227-229, 2003.


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