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Photo of Kazuhiro Nakamura, Shaun F. Morrison, and Andrej A. Romanovsky on a hike  

Andrej's teachers

Soon after entering the Ivan Pavlov Medical School in St. Petersburg, Russia, I started working as a volunteer in the Department of General Pathology (Helena Andreevna Korneva, Head), Institute of Experimental Medicine. My immediate supervisors were Victor Al’fredovich Grigor’ev (for a short time) and then Evgenij Martynovich Belyavskij. Evgenij infected me with the Fever virus,...(continue)

Photo: Following their steps… Andrej Romanovsky follows Kazuhiro Nakamura and Shaun Morrison on a descent from Mary’s Peak along the North Ridge Trail. Central Oregon, July 29, 2008.

Photo courtesy of Nancy L. Romanovsky
Photo of Evgenij M. Belyavskij  

Evgenij Martynovich Belyavskij

In memoriam. By Vladimir A. Lesnikov

Andrej’s publications with Evgenij

Photo courtesy of Marina P. Lesnikova
Photo of Valery N. Gourine  

Valery Nikolaevich Gourine

Andrej’s publications with Valery

Andrej’s paper on Russian thermophysiology


Photo courtesy of Alexander V. Gourine
Photo of Miklos Szekely  

Miklos Szekely
Professor Emeritus, University of Pecs Medical School
Pecs, Hungary

Miklos' publications with Andrej

I have known Andrej for over two decades and very soon we became friends – due to the age-gap I almost regarded him as one of my sons. A very able son. In science, mainly studying fever, we worked together first in our lab in Pecs, then again during a six-month period in the lab of Professor Blatteis in Memphis, before Andrej established his own FeverLab...(continue)


Photo courtesy of Eszter Pakai
Photo of Clark M. Blatteis  

Clark M. Blatteis
Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee Distinguished Professor
Memphis, TN

Andrej’s publications from Clark’s lab

I was Andrej’s postdoc mentor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, from 1991 to 1994. He came to me with a very good theoretical background in thermal physiology...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Clark M. Blatteis
Photo of a portrait of Lloyd D. Partridge  

Lloyd D. Partridge

Lloyd D. Partridge, Ph.D. Neurophysiologist. By L. Donald Partridge

In memory of Lloyd D. Partridge. By Andrej A. Romanovsky

Acknowledgements of Lloyd’s contributions in Andrej’s papers

Image: The portrait was painted from Lloyd’s photo taken in the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal.

Photo courtesy of L. Donald Partridge
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