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Photo of FeverLab members under a fever tree     

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Photo: FeverLab members under a fever tree (Acacia xanthophloea) on the Tucson campus of the University of Arizona, on the southwest side of Cochise Hall. The tree in the photo is the only fever tree on campus and is the biggest in Tucson. It was planted in the 1970's from a seed that came from San Diego's Wild Animal Park. Left to right: Camila Almeida, Andrej Romanovsky, Eszter Pakai, and Andras Garami.

The common name of the tree, fever tree, comes from the misunderstanding of early settlers in Africa. The tree grows in swamp areas conducive to malaria mosquitoes, and people thought that the tree was the cause of the malaria fever. The photo was taken on March 10, 2008, immediately after Andrej Romanovsky's talk on fever at the department of pharmacology. Next day, Andras Garami, an expert on fever himself, developed a high fever. Andras and the entire FeverLab are still convinced that this was due to the exposure to the fever tree.

Photo courtesy of Eszter Pakai    


Recent news

Alexandre Steiner, Andras Garami, and Samuel Wanner have recently accepted Adjunct Assistant Professor positions at Trauma Research, St. Joseph's Hospital. All three continue collaborating and publishing with FeverLab, and Alex administers one of his research grants (from the American Heart Association) through FeverLab.

Andrei Ivanov has recently accepted an Associate Professor position at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He joins the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics and the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Andrei is also the recipient of the 2012 Coltran Established Investigator Award by the American Society for Investigative Pathology. Congratulations, Andrei!

Andras Garami is the recipient of the 2012 John F. Perkins, Jr., Memorial Award for International Physiologists by the American Physiological Society. Andras' report to the society on how he and his wife, Eszter, used the award was published by the journal Physiologist.

Alex Steiner has accepted a faculty position at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of Sao Paulo. He joins the Department of Immunology and continues studying systemic inflammation. Congratulations, Alex! Alex became the third FeverLab alumnus (after M. Camila Almeida and Samuel P. Wanner) to receive a faculty position in Brazil during the last year or so.

Fever team photos 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2005 | 2004

FeverLab Team 2014  

FeverLab, October 2014

Front row (left to right): Vince Garami, Eszter Pakai, Andrej A. Romanovsky, and Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren.

Back row (left to right): Andras Garami, Sasha Sypkens, and Joshua J. Corrigan.

Vince (14 months), invited to the lab by Eszter and Andras, serves as our Scientific Advisor. He examines each scientific concept presented to him and, using a sophisticated binary communication system, often approves or disapproves it.

Photo by Gary Armstrong, courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute


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FeverLab Team 2013  

FeverLab, June 2013

Front Left to right: Andras Garami, Cristiane de Oliveira, Andrej A. Romanovsky, Sasha Sypkens, Joshua J. Corrigan, and Polina F. Kamalova.

Incorporates an image of the stained glass work designed by Maureen McGuire (fabricated by Glassart Studio), which is on permanent display in the pavilion of St. Joseph's garage on the 3rd Avenue.

Photo images by Alan R. Gibson, montage by Nancy L. Romanovsky


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FeverLab Team 2012  

FeverLab with Dr. Petersen, August 2012

The photo is taken on the helicopter pad of St. Joseph's Hospital, Level 1 Trauma Center, with the midtown Phoenix behind and below. FeverLab is a part of the Trauma Research program. Scott R. Petersen, MD, is the director of Trauma Services. In 1986, Dr. Petersen started the first Trauma Lab at St. Joe's, with Dr. Malayappa Jeevanandam serving as the first research lab director. During that time, the laboratory studied the metabolic consequences of trauma disease.

Front row (left to right): Cristiane de Oliveira, Cezanne Simon, Sasha Sypkens, and Eszter Pakai.

Back row (left to right): Scott R. Petersen, Andrej A. Romanovsky, Joshua J. Corrigan, and Andras Garami.

Photo by Gary Armstrong, courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute


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FeverLab Team 2011  

At the entrance to Healing Garden, August 2011

Left to right: Andrej A. Romanovsky, William Lee, Cristiane de Oliveira, Peter Wettenstein, Eszter Pakai, and Andras Garami.

Peter is not a member of the FeverLab (he is engineer at the Neurobiology department), but he is a great friend, and he has helped our lab on many occasions. Thank you, Peter!

Photo courtesy of William Lee


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FeverLab Team 2010  

In front of the Chapel of St. Joseph's Hospital, May 2010

Front row (left to right): Sheena Galhotra, Eszter Pakai, Daniela L. Butterworth (Oliveira), and Tatiane B. Nucci.

Back row (left to right): Samuel P. Wanner, Justin Eales, Andrej A. Romanovsky, and Andras Garami.

Photo courtesy of Andrej A. Romanovsky


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FeverLab team 2005  

In front of the statue of St. Mary near Chapel, August 2005

Front row (left to right): M. Camila Almeida, Jennifer L. Roberts, Jennifer Pan, and Alexander S. Dragic.

Back row (left to right): Andrej A. Romanovsky, Victoria F. Turek, Alexandre A. Steiner, and Karla Scarff.

Photo courtesy of Karla Scarff


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FeverLab team 2004  

In front of the statue of St. Joseph, main entrance, June 2004

Front row (left to right): M. Camila Almeida, Shreya Patel, Alexander S. Dragic, and Jennifer Pan.

Back row (left to right): Andrej A. Romanovsky, Alexandre A. Steiner, Alla Y. Molchanova (Rudaya), Jared R. Robbins, and F.E. Farmer.

Photo courtesy of F.E.Farmer

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