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Past FeverLab members

Photo of Elena K. Karman  

Elena K. Karman
Belarusian State University
Minsk, Belarus

Lena's publications from FeverLab

I started working with Andrej at the Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences (Minsk), in 1987, when I was a third year biology student at the Belarusian State University. At that time, Andrej did not have his own lab: we all belonged to the huge (80 people) laboratory headed by Professor Gourine. But Andrej had his own laboratory room. There...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Elena K. Karman
Photo of Christopher T. Simons  

Christopher T. Simons
Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Chris' publications from FeverLab

I worked as a research assistant and graduate student in the Thermoregulation Laboratory at Legacy Health Systems in Portland, Oregon, from 1994-1997. While there, I worked with Andrej to investigate the mechanisms and pathophysiology of temperature regulation, fever and sepsis. I also had the pleasure of working with...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Christopher T. Simons
Photo of Vladimir A. Kulchitsky  

Vladimir A. Kulchitsky
Priofessor and Scientific Director, Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences
Member, Belarusian National Academy of Sciences
Minsk, Belarus

Vladi’s publications with FeverLab

Cumulatively, I spent several remarkable years studying mechanisms of fever in the creative atmosphere of the Romanovsky laboratory. These were the best years of my research life.

Photo courtesy of Vladimir A. Kulchitsky
Photo of Miklos Szekely  

Miklos Szekely
Professor Emeritus, University of Pecs Medical School
Pecs, Hungary

Miklos spent several long subbaticals in the FeverLab; see Mentors.

Photo courtesy of Eszter Pakai
Photo of William S. Hunter  

William S. Hunter
Associate Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Carbondale, IL

Bill’s publications with FeverLab

I met Andrej in 1993 when he was a postdoctoral fellow and I was on sabbatical leave to work in the laboratory of Dr. Clark Blatteis at U. T. Memphis. We worked on several projects together at that time, and have maintained our personal and professional relationship since then. I visited his laboratory in Portland, OR, a couple of times in order to do...(continue)

Photo courtesy of William S. Hunter
Photo courtesy of Darlene G. Kenyon  

Darlene G. Kenyon
FeverLab Member Emeritus
Portland, OR

As Administrative Assistant III to the Chief of Legacy Research in Portland, my duties included assisting the research doctors and facilitating their work in any way that I could. It was an extremely humbling and gratifying position to be in. I enjoyed working with amazing researchers such as Dr. Romanovsky. These were the good old days.

Photo of Darlene G. Kenyon
Photo of Andrei I. Ivanov  

Andrei I. Ivanov
Staff (Professor), Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Andrei's publications from FeverLab

After earning a Ph.D. degree in Biophysics from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, I came to work as a postdoc in Andrej’s lab in Portland, and then moved with Andrej to his present location in Phoenix. Altogether, I stayed in FeverLab from 1998 until 2002. This was my first experience in doing whole animal physiology, and I have to admit that it was tough!...(continue)

Photo by Andrej A. Romanovsky
Photo of Milica Milovancevic  

Milica Milovancevic
Certified Nursing Assistant, Private Pay Caregiver
Phoenix, AZ

I worked with the Romanovsky laboratory in 2003, studying thermoregulation and being introduced to animal surgery techniques. After graduating with a Bioengineering degree at Arizona State University, I continued some graduate work at the University of Arizona in Immunology. From there I decided to enter the healthcare field and am currently a certified nursing assistant, working to provide compassionate care to people who need assistance.

Photo coutesy of Milica Milovancevic
Photo of Shreya Patel  

Shreya Patel
Internal Medicine Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Shreya's publications from FeverLab

I worked in Dr. Romanovsky’s lab from 2001 until 2004, both full and part time. I completed my BA in Biology in 2007 at Dartmouth College. After graduation, I worked for a year at a pediatric HIV clinic in Tanzania...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Shreya Patel
Photo of Jennifer Pan  

Jennifer Pan
Jen's publications from FeverLab

I interned in Andrej’s lab at the Barrow Neurological Institute while I was in high school. When I first started, I wasn't sure what to expect from his lab. I initially worked alongside postdocs, but after about a year or so, Andrej assigned a small project to two high school students: Alex Dragic and myself. That allowed us to truly delve into biomedical research...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Pan
Photo of Alla Y. Molchanova  

Alla Y. Molchanova (Rudaya)
Senior Scientist, Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences
Minsk, Belarus

Alla's publications from FeverLab

I worked in Andrej’s lab as a postdoc for two years (2002-2004). Currently, I work in the Laboratory of Medical Physics and Physical Medicine, Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences, in Minsk, Belarus. I am involved in studying the physiological mechanisms of therapeutic effects of the electromagnetic fields, ultrasound and other physical factors...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Alla Y. Molchanova
Photo of Jared R. Robbins  

Jared R. Robbins
Radiation Oncology Resident, Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, MI

Jared's publications from FeverLab

I worked in Andrej’s lab for about 7 months prior to leaving for medical school at the University of Arizona (1/2003-7/2003). It was a wonderful and productive opportunity and laid the foundation for my success in medical school and my career as a radiation oncologist. I continue to be involved with research,...(continue)

Photo courtesy ofJared R. Robbins
Photo of Victoria F. Turek  

Victoria F. Turek
Surgical Neurophysiologist and Instructor, Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, OR

Victoria's publications from FeverLab

I was a postdoc in Andrej’s lab for one year, from the summer of 2005 to summer 2006. In graduate school at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I studied the effects of vagotomy on behavioral thermoregulation and the thermal effects of leptin and α-MSH under Dr. Harry Carlisle...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Victoria F. Turek
Photo of M. Camila Almeida  

M. Camila Almeida
Assistant Professor, Federal University of ABC at Santo Andre
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Camila's publications from FeverLab

I graduated from Pharmacy School at the University of Sao Paulo and received my Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Physiology from Medical School, University of Sao Paulo. I first came to Andrej’s lab as a visiting Ph.D. student (June 2004-September 2005) and then returned in March 2008 as a Postdoctoral Fellow...(continue)

Photo courtesy of M. Camila Almeida
Photo of Eszter Pakai  

Eszter Pakai
Research Assistant, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pecs
Pecs, Hungary

Eszter’s publications from FeverLab

After I received my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Pecs in Hungary, I worked there for seven years as a research assistant in the Department of Pathophysiology and Gerontology. I then spent 3 years in Andrej’s lab and returned to the same department in 2010. I am interested in all aspects of...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Andras Garami
Sheena Galhotra  

Sheena Galhotra
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Sheena in FeverLab (West Valley View article, by permission)

Through the Undergraduate Biology Research Program at the University of Arizona, I was able to work at FeverLab for the summer of 2010. During this time, I experienced both the physiological side of the current projects in the lab with Andras Garami and Eszter Pakai, and the molecular biological side with Tatiane Nucci...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Sheena Galhotra
Photo of Daniela L. Oliveira  

Daniela L. Butterworth (Oliveira)
Dani’s publications from FeverLab

I received my B.S. in Biological Sciences-Medical Specialization from the Union of Barao de Maua Colleges in Brazil. I then enjoyed my six years of experience working at the University of Sao Paulo in Ribeirao Preto as a research technician. In August of 2005, I jumped on the opportunity to join Dr. Romanovsky’s team as a research assistant...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Daniela L. Butterworth (Oliveira)
Photo of Justin Eales  

Justin Eales
Justin's publications from FeverLab

During the senior year of my undergraduate degree, I participated in an internship in Dr. Romanovsky’s laboratory (May-October 2009). During my time in Andrej’s lab, I was able to work alongside postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. students. For the majority of my internship, I worked under the immediate supervision of Camila Almeida, who was a postdoc in the lab, but now is a professor in Brazil and...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Justin Eales
Photo of William Lee  

William Lee

I worked in Andrej’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow from June 2011 to Jan 2012. There I obtained valuable experiences from studying the effects of TRPV1 antagonists on thermoregulation in rats. Andrej has been a very supportive mentor during my stay there, and I wish him all the best and success for many years to come.

Photo courtesy of William Lee
Photo of Cristiane de Oliveira  

Cristiane de Oliveira
Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

Cristiane's publications from FeverLab

I have a degree in Biomedical Science from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I am now working on receiving a Ph.D. in Endocrine and Nutrition Physiology from the same university. My Ph.D. project deals with obesity and focuses on the adipose tissue biology and on glucose and lipid metabolism. As a part of my Ph.D. project, I lived in England for one year working in the Obesity Biology Unit, University of Liverpool. Outside the lab, I really enjoy traveling.

Photo courtesy ofCristiane de Oliveira
Photo of Alex Dragic  

Alexander S. Dragic
Alex’s publications from FeverLab

The FeverLab jump started my interest in science and research. In 2004, I was accepted into a high-school enrichment program and I began working with Dr. Romanovsky and his postdocs. It was an exciting time for me. As a young student, I was coming to the lab every day eager to learn. Since then I have completed a B.S. in Biology at Arizona State University, and I am presently preparing for medical school while working in the FeverLab again. I spend my free time working with various community outreach programs and – whenever possible – enjoying the great outdoors of Arizona. 

Photo courtesy of Alexander S. Dragic
Photo of Joshua J. Corrigan  

Joshua J. Corrigan
Technical Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
jCambridge, MA

Joshua’s publications from FeverLab

II had the pleasure of working in Andrej's FeverLab as a Research Technician from 2012 to 2015, where I studied whether ambient temperature can drive thermoeffectors via TRP channels in rats. I now work as a Technical Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I'm looking at disease risk in mouse models following exposure to contaminants found in the drinking water near several Superfund sites in Maine and Massachusetts.

Photo courtesy of Joshua J. Corrigan
Photo of Matthew L. Zwolak  

Matthew L. Zwolak
Undergraduate Student, Biology, Fordham University (Class of 2020)
New York, NY

I worked in Dr. Romanovsky's Fever Lab for almost three months during the summer of 2017, as part of the Barrow Summer Undergraduate Research Program. My mentor was Ana Cançado Kunstetter, and I helped her with various experiments and procedures being done in the lab. We studied the roles of TRP channels in thermoregulation. It was...(continue)

Photo courtesy of Matthew L. Zwolak
Photo of Bruna Santos  

Bruna M. Santos
Visiting PhD Student, São Paulo School of Dentistry
São Paulo, Brazil

I graduated from the University of São Paulo School of Dentistry (São Paulo, Brazil) and received my Master's degree in Physiology, with a partial completion of work at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA). My undergraduate and Master's research was focused on the cross-sensitizing action of natural rewards. Today, I am....(continue)

Photo courtesy of Bruna M. Santos
Photo of Allyson Molzahn  

Allyson Molzahn
MS student, University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona studying Physiology. I spent the summer of 2018 at Andrej's lab, as an intern working on TRPV1 receptors in relation to thermal sensations. It has been an amazing opportunity and educational experience that I hope to continue. When I am not in school or working, I like to scuba dive, travel, and read.

Photo courtesy of Allyson Molzahn
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